Sales Chronicity Training Topics

Business Nutrition 

Product Knowledge

Major learning points: This module reviews and, if necessary, revisits the features and benefits of product line offerings via group exercise. YPBT does not provide product knowledge training, per se, but facilitates the dialogue between the business and its sales team to assure the right product or service is prescribed or recommended given the customer’s strongest unmet need and the resulting benefit is fully explained to and understood by the client.

Module duration time: As needed

Deliverables: Review and suggested rewrite/modification of product information sheets, marketing brochures and/or case studies.

Knowledge of the Customer

Major learning points: By conducting thought-provoking, highly interactive exercises, this module covers the means and methodology of uncovering key client information. Topics include ‘Probing with a Purpose’, ‘POWER Listening’, and the Mackay 66-Question Profile as a sales tool.

Module duration time: 1 to 4 hours

Deliverables: The Bicycle-Built-for-Two Sales Mentality model, the POWER Listening Checklist and Self-Evaluation tool, and the Mackay 66-Question Profile template.

Mapping the Sales Process

Major learning points: This module includes an indepth discussion and experience-based exercise for identifying the appropriate steps the sales team should follow to streamline and, if possible, shorten the sales cycle. The importance of each step, the most effective sequence, the present-day proficiency and any in-house subject matter experts are identified.

Module duration time: 3 hours to 2 days

Deliverables: Your unique sales process fully mapped.

Business Fitness

The Sales Conversation

Major learning points: By conducting skill practice exercises and role-playing, this module addresses the manner in which training participants conduct sales calls—either in person or on the phone. Topics may include:

     • Opening the call

     • Converting a suspect/lead into a qualified prospect

     • Getting to the Need-Behind-the-Need

     • Conducting product demonstrations

     • Uncovering the strongest unmet need

     • Handling customer concerns (e.g. indifference, skepticism,

       misunderstanding, drawbacks), and/or closing strategies.

Module duration time: 2 hours to 2 days

Deliverables: Custom Sales Call Planning worksheet

Promotion & Branding

Major learning points: This module explores the development and use of ways a sales professional should represent themselves, the company and its product lines. Interactive exercises in this training abound, including ‘Identifying Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)’, ‘Company Taglines’, ‘Your 30-Second Commercial’, Your Irresistible Offer’, ‘Points of Difference’, and ‘Social Media Presence.’

Module duration time: 1-1/2 to 4 hours

Deliverables: Fully developed sales tools developed from the exercises (including a one-question market research survey template), and a social media marketing plan. A review and suggestions made regarding the company’s marketing plan is also available, upon request.

Time and Opportunity Management

Major learning points: This module explores the system sales team members should practice to manage their time and pipeline of prospects. Highly interactive exercises are conducted to inspire sales reps to keep a log of sales activities and analyze the effectiveness of their efforts periodically. Key concept: Sales success is determined by the multiplicative product of three factors—the Quality of Sales Calls, the Number of Sales Calls, and the Allocation of Time (“Being in the right place at the right time’).

Module duration time: 3 hours to 1 day

Deliverables: Custom Pre-Call Planning worksheet, Sales Pyramid template, Call Report/Log form, and other documentation tools. A review of the company’s CRM program/system is available, upon request.

Trade Show Effectiveness

Major learning points: This module prepares the booth personnel for an upcoming trade show or exposition. Research from the Trade Show Bureau is shared and conclusions are drawn. Topics include ‘Booth Do’s and Don’ts and Etiquette’, ‘Pre-Show Mailing and Traffic Generators’, and ‘Booth Design and Evaluation—Our Own and Competition.’

Module duration time: One-half day (recommended)

Deliverables: Custom Trade Show Objectives and Plan, Individual Goal Setting template. Review and suggested revisions to the Trade Show Game Plan—it is recommended that the review be conducted months before the trade show dates.

Business Flexibility

The TLC Factor— “Trustworthiness, Likability and Convenience”

Major learning points: This module involves a candid introspective into validating customers’ perception of the company and its representatives. Key concepts include ‘Under Promise, Over Deliver’, ‘Keeping Promises’, ‘Approach- and Accessibility’, and ‘How Customer Complaints are Handled.’

Module duration time: 1 hour to as needed

Deliverables: Voice of the Customer survey template, review of voice mail messages and company policies regarding customer care, and other assessment tools to keep a finger on the pulse of the business’s appeal and reputation.

Pricing Strategies

Major learning points: This module tests and assesses the sales team’s understanding and appreciation for the way products and services are priced. Key concepts include ‘the Importance of Gross Margin as a Metric’, ‘the Relationship of Pricing to the Compensation Plan’ and ‘Interpretative Practicum of the Company’s Pricing Strategy.’

Module duration time: 1 to 3 hours

Deliverables: The Break-Even Formula as a what-if tool. Review and suggested rewrite of company’s pricing strategy, price lists, and compensation plan.

Attrition Awareness and Control

Major learning points: By defining the term ‘Sales Attrition’ for the client business (in its own terms and vernacular), this module focuses on assessing the impact of sales attrition on the company’s strategic plan and growth forecast. Key concepts include categorizing attrition into the three different types, developing a system to calculate, monitor and adjust for attrition, and how to project attrition rates for the future.

Module duration time: 1 to 3 hours

Deliverables: Custom Sales Attrition Awareness spreadsheet template and Attrition Control Plan.

Making Heads or Tails of Your P&L and Other Financial Statements

Major learning points: This module is for Business Owners and Non-Financial Managers with accountability for the financials of the company. Topics may include an explanation of various lines on the Consolidated Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement, the calculation of various accounting metrics—such as Days Sales Outstanding, Inventory Turnover, Days Payables Outstanding, Current Ratio, and Cash Conversion Cycle—and how to establish a system to monitor selected metrics in the form of a financial dashboard.

Module duration time: 1 to 2 hours

Deliverables: Custom Statistical Process Control Chart template for key metrics

Fundamentals of Situational Leadership

Description: Leadership is defined as any attempt to influence the behavior of an individual or group. This course teaches anyone in a leadership role—either direct or indirect supervision—to accurately observe behaviors of people they wish to lead and assess their ability and willingness to do a particular task. Key topics include perception, power, change management, timely and practical intervention skills, and coaching and counseling techniques. Delivery format includes interactive lecturettes, assessment instrumentation, video case studies, skill practice, group discussions and written exercises. The course provides an organization with a common vocabulary to analyze and discuss team / employee performance and development and leadership challenges.

Module duration time: 2 days (recommended)

Deliverables: The Situational Leadership model, personalized assessment instruments and interpretation, Individual Leadership Development Plans.

Business Strength

Making Your Prices Stick...without Getting Stuck

Major learning points: This module is for sales professionals and managers that believe they’ve been losing business to competitors who just undercut your price and/or are tired of having customers beat you up over a few bucks. In this spirited and idea-filled session, the attendee will explore what can be done to protect the sales price and the profitability of goods and services. Key concepts include learning how to effectively handle price pressure and what to do when you hear, “I can get the same product down the block, but cheaper.”

Module duration time: 1 to 3 hours

Deliverables: Invaluable selling techniques to defend prices and do’s and don’ts of delivering/discussing price quotes and proposals.

Sales Forecasting Excellence

Major learning points: This module introduces a proven methodology to forecasting sales—utilizing sales history from the preceding 24-month period, planned price adjustments, carryover revenue from last year’s new accounts, projected invoice dollars from next year’s new accounts and the effect of sales attrition.

Module duration time: 1 to 3 hours

Deliverables: Forecasting formulas and projection templates.

Account Management Strategies

Major learning points: This module introduces the ‘Business Review’ approach to taking a leadership role in current customer accounts. Topics include ‘The Four Continuous Improvement Questions as a basis for the Business Review meeting agenda’, ‘The Six Warning Signals that place an account in jeopardy’, and ‘Total Solution Selling.’

Module duration time: 1 to 3 hours

Deliverables: Step-by-step approach to Business Reviews and Action Assignment template.

Shark Hunt”: Selling Against the Competition

Major learning points: This module lays out a proven strategic and surgical methodology for capturing competitive business ethically. This module is not for the timid or faint of heart. It involves in-depth data collection on competition, analysis of ‘weakest link’ attack points, and anticipation of their ‘second chance’ response to the ‘Shark Hunt’ Campaign Plan. This module incorporates establishing a battle book, War Room and detailed tactical schedule.

Module duration time: 1/2 to 1 full day

Deliverables: Custom ‘Shark Hunt’ Campaign Plan.

Corporate Strategic Planning

Description: This highly interactive workshop is for the principal owners and key managers in the client company. By following Verne Harnish’s ‘Mastering the Rockefeller Habits’ approach, this initiative will make all participants aware of the company’s core competencies, areas for improvements and external forces that affect the business’ effectiveness. It should serve as clarification and confirmation of the viability, feasibility and legitimacy of the business’ goals and objectives. The video case studies, group discussions and written work help to explain, develop, defend, “sell” and garner support for the strategic plan throughout the organization and ensure the enterprise’s growth and well-being. Key topics include SWOT analysis, collaboration, consensus decision making, trust, accountability, communications, empowerment, SMART goal-setting, composing project charters and portfolio assessment.

Module duration time: 2 days (recommended)

Deliverables: The Company’s Comprehensive Strategic Plan.

Sales Negotiation Fundamentals

Description: This workshop is designed for sales professional and company personnel authorized to negotiate on behalf of the business. Topics include consensus-building, the four qualifying criteria prior to negotiating, adopting a win-win2 mentality when negotiating, POWER Listening, the phases and components of negotiation, and negotiation styles and signals. The workshop is heavily laden with skill practice, role-playing, case study analysis and group discussion and exercises.

Module duration time: 2 days (recommended)

Deliverables: Negotiation Planning worksheets and associated planning and execution templates.