Business well defined.

Achieving a balanced wellness within your business and sales team.

Business Nutrition

“Filling the Tank” with knowledge and awareness.

Nutrition Topic Descriptions

Business Fitness

"Tone and definition"  allows and encourages healthy communications with customers, as well as suppliers, employees, stakeholders and advisors.

Fitness Topic Descriptions

Business Flexibility

Being able to "turn on a dime" when economic factors shift or change.

Flexibility Topic Descriptions

Business Strength

Harnessing "the power to prosper" so a business can survive market downturns, thrive in stagnant times, and grow during periods of windfall and good fortune.

Strength Topic Descriptions

"People buy from people who they like, trust, and with whom it is convenient to do business."

What makes YPBT unique?

Many people think business coaches are all alike—or consider them “a luxury I cannot afford.” They AREN’T! Your Personal Business Trainer takes the significantly-different approach to serving you—the entrepreneur and sales professional—in a way that delivers REAL return-on-investment. It’s coaching and talent development without the usual blood, sweat and tears associated with training, without costing an arm and a leg, and without taking a year and a day to realize results.


YPBT uses its exclusive SALESchronicity™ skill assessment survey and other measuring instruments to customize and address your sales team’s specific areas for improvement in the most efficient manner. One size training does NOT fit all.
Click on the link below to request a free SALESchronicity™ assessment (a $200 value).


We won’t monkey around with your sales team’s selling STYLE (a.k.a. the ART of selling). Instead, we focus on the SCIENCE of selling and business management.


YPBT programs maximize the learning experience with experiential learning, hands-on skill practice and the development of actionable improvement plans.


And, every YPBT program incorporates and reinforces the belief that “People buy from people who they like, trust, and with whom it is convenient to do business.”


Ask about a free SALESchronicity™ Assessment

Our Mission

YPBT is committed to providing growth-minded sales organizations the most meaningful, results-driven training and consulting service available.

Our Promise

YPBT clients should expect to realize 100% return-on-investment in profit dollars within 90 days upon completion of any program.

Our Exclusive Feature

Every training participant is afforded FREE, UNLIMITED post-event support and consultation via phone or email on any topic covered.

“I’ve been to tons of sales training sessions in over twenty years in business–but none better than Vince’s unique approach to running a sales territory like it was its own business. We were able to greatly improve our profitability, efficiency and effectiveness–virtually overnight. He is the only trainer that understands our business and trained us for our industry and capital equipment sales. Using Vince’s services is priceless!”

Dan McKay President, Southeast Polymer Solutions, Acworth, GA

“In the You Can Always Sell More seminar, Vince reminded me of some skills and techniques that I had forgotten and suggested new things that I should learn and use.”

Brian Walz, Monroe Signs, Ash Township, MI

“Thanks for the prompt follow up from the education seminars I attended.  I certainly appreciated your insight and the way you validated several ideas I suspected were true.  I will speak with our franchise group about having you present at our next convention.”

Matthew Buck, Owner, Visovi Signs & Graphics, Sunnyvale, CA

“I really enjoyed your seminars. I already told someone that it was the best money I have ever spent at a trade show and that I wish I had taken them ten years ago. Thank you!"

Frank Crowe, President, Artistic Awards, Indianapolis, IN

"Vince fills every minute of his seminars with great, ready-to-use tips and only the most relevant information. He stays very focused on the seminar subject. Thanks!"

Kathy Fontana, President, JOBS Printing & Mailing, Waukegan, IL